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PU Sniper baseplate:
Can anyone tell me what size of milling bit to use to cut the "relief" for mounting screw and locking screw heads? I'm referring to the upper "stepped" part of mounting and locking screw holes in baseplate.
I visited all of the machine tool stores/shops in our smallville locale yesterday w/o success: many different opinions as to what to use IE "numbered", "metric" etc., no bits to be had
so will have to mail order them.
These screw head reliefs are all thats keeping me from completion of two ex-PU projects!
I'd sure appreciate any assistance.

After much careful measuring of m.plate holes - ordered 5/16" dia. and 25/64" dia. end mills. [7.9mm/.310" and 9.9mm/.390" dia. holes] ??????
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