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Milled Bulgy/Yugo Underfolder

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So I've decided to get one of the milled Bulgarian Underfolder kits from WhataCountry and give it a go, since I don't have an AK. I'm not really a fan of the standard stamped AK's....they seem a bit tinny for me, but after handling a milled rifle, I decided I wanted one.
The main focuses on this build are to stay on a tight budget (I'm cheap & want to see how inexpensive I can really build one for), do all the work myself, and rebuild a safe milled receiver.
I've figured out how I want it, and have assembled/or have on order, everything I need to build it. Here is the list with approx figures, when I'm done I'll total it all out:

Milled Bulgy underfolder kit.................$109
Yugo M64 demilled receiver.................$ 15
Yugo M70 front rec. stub...................$ 30
Yugo M70 used barrel........................$ 15
Tapco G2 Trigger pack.......................$ 26
Tapco US muzle break.......................$ 10
2-30rnd mags (trade deal=value).......$ 10
Assorted pins/etc.............................$ 14

Approx cost to date..........................$229

My goal is to build the complete rifle for under $250. In reality, it will cost me less in the end, because I took advantage of the bulk buys (3 barrel price-multiple demilled receivers-etc) and will sell off the unused parts when I'm done with the project to off-set costs and to get rid of the extras. So, intitially I'm spending more money, but in the end I will come out ahead of the game. Plus, if I screw up during the build, I'll have extra parts to canibalize.
If you havn't figured out by the shopping list yet, I plan on grafting 3 different variants into one working gun. Looks totally doable and I'm not building a collectors weapon, but an everyday shooter. I'll be using the Bulgy kit, Yugo M64 demilled receiver welded to an M70 front stub, then pressing a Yugo M70 barrel in after a few modifications to the barrel and appliances

Here's what I have so far:

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Looks like you have a nice project going on there! May I ask from where did you purchase your demised receiver? And are you going to have to fabricate some sort of fixture to hold all the segment straight and square whilst you weld them up? I have often thought about reconstructing a milled receiver, so I will be hoping to see more of your progress. Tally Ho!:thumbsup:
Sorry, I havn't been around here lately. Havn't had too much time to work on this thing, but gotten a little done...........
I got the M64 demilled receivers from APEX, and found M70 front stubs from private sellers (1 on Gunbroker, & placed WTB ads). I'm kind of cheap & have limited equipment, so I'll fabricate some type of jig from angle iron & heavy aluminum. This indeed, is an interesting, but not too complicated build.
Thanks to you other guys for your input & information. Here's what I've got so far. I've only been working on the receiver when I get a little spare time.
Decided to use the stub with the relief cuts around the Bbl pin, cleaned up the rough cuts and the UF section. Trimmed up the receiver and dummied it up to get a rough idea of how things are going to line up. Used mags to double check measurements on the magwell. Borrowed my buddies Wasr for overall length and firing pin spacing holes.
Basically clamped the chunks to some heavy angle aluminum and slowly tacked the rear pc on. Decided to build up the sections instead of copper & fill (not a proper jig), I didn't want to warp it too bad. Before I weld the rest of it together, I want to fill in the dreaded FA holes and trim a plate to ensure the rails stay straight. Not sure when I'll get time to do any more work, but I'll keep ou posted.


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Finally got it finished! Decided to go with a set of Bulgarian 74 handguards (trimmed to fit) and the CAA pistol grip. Fires & functions flawlessly!

...I need a cleaning rod, if anyone has one they are willing to get rid of, please send me a pm.

thanks, Matt
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