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My question is,
does every friendly forces to America use the Humvee(or a license built version)?
Or do they use there own version?
IE- the british/Land Rover?
IE- South Korean/Hyundai something?


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The HMMWV is not only used by the US military but many other countries as well

* Afghanistan (used by the new Afghan National Army.)
* Algeria (200+)
* Albania (300+)
* Argentina (bought after the Falklands War)
* Egypt 1000+
* Israel (2000+)
* Macedonia (56)
* Bosnia and Herzegovina(ordered a minor number for de-mining units stationed in Iraq)
* Colombia (400+)
* Chile (200+)
* Croatia (ordered a minor number for units in Afghanistan UN mission)
* Czech Republic (Mainly 601th Special Forces Group[28])
* Thailand
* Morocco (4500+)
* Mexico (3000+)
* Turkey
* Romania (8 + 50-100 in the future)
* Serbia (50 specially upgraded - used by PTJ (Anti-terror unit))
* Greece (5000+ built entirely by ELBO in Greece under licence from AM General)
* Saudi Arabia
* Iraq (used by the New Iraqi Army and Iraqi Security Forces.)
* Latvia
* Lithuania
* Lebanon (230 - up to 285 in the future)
* Philippines
* Slovenia (30)
* Spain (only by the Infanteria de Marina; the Army uses the VAMTAC in that role)
* Poland (217)
* Portugal
* Luxembourg
* Ukraine 10 vehicles, all donated by the United States to the UKRPOLBAT in Kosovo
* Iran (10-20 transferred from the new Iraqi army)

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The HMMWV is used by a number of US-supported nations, but many of the more industrialized nations have their own light 4x4s.
The Brits and the Australians use Land Rovers. The Brits also use a few Steyr Pinzgauers. (The Pinz is the vehicle the HMMWV should have been, IMO.)
The Italians use an IVECCO product (can't remembe the model).
The Romanians use the ARO 244 series.
The Iraqis also have a number of other vehicles besides the Humvee, for example in 2005their main vehicle seemed to be an Isuzu version of the truck called the Chevy Colorado in the US.
The Japanese, Koreans, and Poles had their own vehicles as well, IIRC.
Never saw any in Iraq of course, but I think the Canadians still use the Iltis.
The Russians use the UAZ 469B.
I think the Germans use the Mercedes G-wagen.

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when ever the U.S. Government sells our military hardware to "friends" it always makes me wonder WHY we do that. it almost always comes back to bite us in the ass when the friend becomes our new enemy.

like Iran will be and then we will fight F-14's and F-15's.


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