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I started out shooting CMP patches for a Garand then got hooked and transitioned to highpower where I shot a M70 match rifle in 308 before "going to the dark side" - shooting an AR-15.

Both the M70 and my AR-15 have stainless barrels, and SS is quite soft. Except for one Czech VZ24 with a sewer pipe bore that I got "medieval" on, I use the same cleaning procedures on my milsurps as my match rifles.

The routine has changed over time, but is very simple now-- several wet patches pushed through with a Dewey jag to remove powder fouling. Then foaming bore cleaner, usually twice with at least 20 minutes each time for the cleaner to work. Then clean the chamber and bolt, and wet and dry patch the bore with Hoppes until I get a clean patch. Then wet patch the bore with Hoppes and store the rifle muzzle down. If I have shot corrosive ammo, I wipe the bore, bolt, and chamber with a wet Hoppes patch each day for three days after.

I have nylon bristle brushes and phosphor bronze brushes, but only use them when absolutely necessary. With foaming bore cleaner, I do not find it necessary.

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