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Wow, an instant collection and one that not only has monetary but emotional value! The tough thing about collecting Rosses is that, if kept in good condition, they're VG shooters which makes them catnip to Bubba. So finding replacement wood is a challenge 'cause you're not the only collector out there looking to restore a Ross. The MKIII is a special challenge for the reason Vaarok mentioned. They didn't make it to the US in any significant numbers unlike the MKII. I asked a stockmaker about replicating Ross MKII and MKIII stocks and it was a job that he didn't want to touch, too difficult. But I seem to remember that he mentioned handguards being a different matter. I'll probably see him again if he's at the York show at the end of the month. If I remember I'll pull a HG from one of my MKIIIs and have him take a look at it. I'm at work and don't have access to my collection but I'm certain that the MKIII and MKIIIB use the same HG.
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