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I went with my buddy out to deer camp this year, and as usual
we had a week free and clear.
My buddies dad was laying in a hospice bed at the age of 93, terminal with kidney failure and refusing to have dialisys.
He knew his days were numberd short, but told his son to go on his hunt, and he would try to hang on til he got back, so he could tell him all about his hunt.

On Tuesday Morning at O' dark thirty while walking out to his blind, he jumped a Grouse and had it fly up damn near into his face. After it had flown off, and he settled down, he thought about his old man, and how the old boy would always chuckle at him when on previous hunts the same thing had happend to them. Kind of made him laugh and hurt all at the same time.

They had been out in the fields or woods together many many times.
But not this season, nor the 4 prior. He said his old legs couldn't carry him that well anymore, and the cold was hard on him too. We went so far as to build a nice warm heated blind big enough for 2, or 3 in a pinch, to try to keep him comming out with us. But he wouldn't do it any more, he made up his mind.

Later that morning he got the phone call from his sister, telling him that Pa had passed this morning, right about 6:00am.
And he thought right about that time the Grouse was in my face,
It wasn't a Grouse, It was Pa saying bye.

We left Deer camp early this year. We didn't get any venison.
I got a coyote, and a couple pictures of some nice sunrises.

In Memory of Ralph, He was a tough old man that had been through a lot
in his 93 years.
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