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On a French auction site I saw what looks like and is sold for an MG 34 bipod. Price ? = 100 Euros (about 140 US)
Seller says it comes from a barn in Alsace. (yes I know buy the object not the story)

I have the book about MG 34 and 42, never seen something like this.

Genuine ? Field armorer made ?


Moblotaire (from France)

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In my opinion, it is a one-off, certainly not factory production, using some original factory parts, like the mounting yoke and boss, maybe from a damaged bipod, or available parts. Legs are much shorter than standard 34 components, and they appear to be well formed and made of durable steel.
Over the years, I have seen pictures of several odd Mg34 and 42 bipods, clearly not factory, but well constructed and serviceable.
Interesting collectible for someone who values these types of artifacts.

Bob Naess
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