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Mexican Model 1936 help needed

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I bought a rather nice Model 1936 mexican mauser in 7x57 today that is all matching and excellent bore. Unfortunately, I think I'm missing three parts:

1) the cleaning rod - I know what they are supposed to look like as I saw one in the Model 1954 that was next to it (I passed on that one) and they are supposed to be identical. It looked like a straight piece of drill rod, all the same diameter, with a jag slot in it. Anyone know where to source one, or alternately have accurate dimensions of one so I could replicate it? (yes, I have a lathe and mill).

2) the front band screw that holds on that little swivel toggle (?). The band on these is held on by a band spring, but there's a cinching area with a screw that cinches onto some kind of toggle. I need the screw, or dimensions of same to make a replacement.

3) The toggle noted in point 2 above - I don't even know what this looks like. The pics of the rifle I found online had part of it broken away and the M1954 varian doesn't appear to have this part. Anyone know what it is supposed to look like or where to find one?

I bought the rifle on a business trip and it's being shipped to me later next week. When I get it, I'll post pics as these mexican amusers seem to be rather rare in decent condition.

Also, it had a brass ID disk fastened to the buttock toe, which I understand is typical.

Any help is appreciated.


I *think* this is what the toggle or swivel is supposed to look like in the front band...?

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Here are PIC's of the one on my 1936. I can not tell you that it is original since I have never seen another 1936 up close. Anyway it appears to be identical to the ones on my Springfield 03"s. HTH. Ed


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Try this link for detail PIC's. I can not tell if there's is broken off. Ed
Look at this link. It appears to be the same as on mine. Ed
Good eyes John. I did not pay any attention to the band or hood. I was concentrating on the stacking swivel. Thats what I was refering to on mine. Thanks. Ed
JL,thanks for the PIC's. Now to find that part to correct mine. Is the gap in your loop centered or off to one side ? Do you have a British stacking swivel to compare with and if so what is the difference? Thanks. Ed
JL,thanks. The Brit's also off setted their loops on their sling swivels to one side. Ed
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