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To all Forum members ...
Vic who is one of the Administrators of this fine board, has posted the following in the main forum of this board and has asked us moderators to post this as well in our forums ....

Frankly I'm getting fed up with the shoot first and ask questions later mentality that has become more frequent this past year here in our main forum. My patience has come to an end and heavy infractions will be given and out right privileges revoked of some regular offenders. Membership at Gunboards is a privilege- not a right. We are here for "collectors by collectors", not by self appointed jerks to throw there self righteous opinions into threads that are asking for help or by a new member looking for help. If you can't answer the question with some dignity and some decorum then don't answer it. Or perhaps another forum that tolerates that kind of rude and rash behavior is better suited to you. I will be much more active in watching these kinds of aggressions and the repercussions will be handed out if I see it continue especially by several members Im already aware of of. Your days are numbered. I'd suggest we all read our bylaws if your not sure what is OK or not. If you can't act like a gentleman or lady here or reply without a smart ass remark or slam of some kind- then your not welcome in my house. Period.
I'm also asking the membership to step up as a "6th" man in this effort to report to me, Tuco or another mod using the report thread option to help us identify these offenders who have a post in the middle of a thread or buried in comments. I cant read everything and rely on this to help weed out the issues. I want GB to regain the civility that set us apart of the other forums. This elitist mentality just shuns people away. We want to grow being the the one forum that others respect because of who we are-not what we were. Help us out as members make your site a better place.
Let all who care to spend the 20 seconds to read this thread be warned. I will have a zero tolerance policy in this for some time. If you would not say it to the OP's face or in his house you wont say it in mine. I have handed out two infractions this morning already resulting in the suspension of two members and am reviewing posts of three others. Just because you have been a member for some time or just last week- it does not give you free reign to be a jerk. Tuco and I built this house. We will clean it too when necessary.


(How to report a thread ... there is a little triangle in the lower left corner with an exclamation mark in it, click on it and it shall be reported to the moderator of the that forum for review)

I want to let you all know that this is not directed towards anyone on this particular forum as to the above but Vic did ask us moderators to post this on on our forums as well. I know that some of you visit other forums on this board, might see this happening and you as members can help Vic in this endeavour of keeping the boards free of this sort of stuff, so that is why I posted it on here for you all to read.
Both he and myself would like to thank you members for your time and your assistance in this matter.

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