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We had 99's in 300 Savage, 30-30 and 250-3000...the 300 and the 250 were far more interesting than the 30-30. We had Winchester 94's in both 30-30 and .32 Special...and those weapons seemed better suited to the tamer rounds.

The 250 was the STAR!!! It came to us through the kindness of my mother's brother who had bought it as a companion to his visiting Sasabe, AZ...a LONG time ago. Anticipated longer shots at lighter game.

That rifle handled differently than any other rifle I have had experience with; it came up onto sight quite quickly and I always felt that I would land a good hit, more quickly, on whatever I was shooting at...good ergonomics (I guess???).

I also had never seen wounding so devastating when we used it, mostly on groundhogs. We shot at not over 100 yards and often there would just be a splashing of some bones and skin when we saw the kill.
The 99 Savage rifle is a surprisingly accurate sporting rifle…and like you say … it just shoulders right. I’ve shot some impressive groups with mine. I have two of them. A 1950’s era rifle in .300 Savage and the takedown in .250- I think it was made in the late teens… it’s fit and finish are superior to the later example I have.
The Old Dominion boxes you have are fantastic!
It reminds me of a buddy of mine that has passed on now…we used to shoot Model 1871 Mausers and we used Old Dominion ammo…they labeled it “43 Mauser”…same looking box that you have. Seeing them again brought back some good memories.
Thanks again for showing them.
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