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While I was cleaning up the basement on orders from the spouse some time ago (in reality I was just gazing into the gun cabinets and doing an inventory/day dreaming)... the short mausers suggested a group photo..... (I felt much progress was made in the clean-up operation as the aroma of hoppe's #9 drifted in the air.... the wife had her own version of what was made and it was not progress :D)

Now...So that I can get some picture loading practice and For your viewing enjoyment the short mausers in a group photo...

For the first picture...From front to rear left to right by row (14 in all).
1. Czech VZ24 - The grandpa of the k98, pre WWII (Germany based the k98 on the VZ24)
2. Turk 1944 Model 44 - Israeli K98 50's (3.08 cal) - YC k98 - RC '44 CE - NIM '42 CE - RC '40 42 - RC '40 42 - RC '37 S42 - RC '37 S27
3. Yugo BO - Yugo M48A - Yugo M48 (1950's) (Yugo's were the makers of the last military spec mausers in the world)
4. Yugo M24/47 pre WWII and rearsenaled in '47

Read: Type Year Maker-code = RC '44 CE;
NIM = non import marked Vet bring back German k98
RC= russian capture German k98
YC= Yugo Capture post WWII Rework German k98
Yugo BO (Sanitized version of the M8A mauser)... This is my only Virgin mauser (never been fired), No plant name or crest on receive). These sat forgoten in a warehouse until around 2002, when they were rediscovered by arms dealers....

...gota luv it....... not a Democrat to be seen....
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