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yea, Ghostcat whining about illegal and unconstitutional stuff, after being a self announce dopehead for about 20 of his 40+years,really carries a lot of weight. like i saidGC, i have no respect for liars.... how many times did you lie on the FFL form to buy firearms while you were in a potinduced haze. i guess you wann argue with the experts about weed STOPPING development. that's why you like to blow smoke up mousers ass, cause in the scheme of things, you are still at about his maturity level. both of you are self satisfying blowhards. really done very little to contribute. you 2 turds are a couple of ward churchill wannabes. get the hell out of our way, or our neocon agenda will roll right over you, cause you sure don't have the smarts to lead or follow.

Bravo! Bravo! +1000.
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