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Posted - 06/03/2007 : 3:08:07 PM

Information Added 6/3/07

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I recently acquired two more examples of Model 65. One of my first two was missing the extractor. One of the last two was missing the ball for the detent on the safety positions. One of these last 2 rifles also had been tapped for a scope and the other had the stock shortened. My intent was to use one gun as a parts bed to replace the missing parts on the other two. Having four examples to study has added the following observations to my notes.

Serial Number Range: 9957 to 14958 observed (As stated before the target models 65, 165, and 365 each appear to have had a dedicated serial number block (in succession) within the range for the Models 55, 155, and 255.

Hand fitting is evident throughout on this model.
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The tang length on the shotgun style trigger guard varies as much as .210” and is different on all four of these examples. The tang width varies as much as .015”. (This detoured me from an original consideration of moving the stock from the tapped gun to restore one of the unaltered actions.)
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Checkering “lines-per-inch”, number of rows, and placement on the grips and fore ends varies on every gun.

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It is now more apparent why the various pieces of the trigger guard (which contains the trigger and sear on the model 65) are numbered to match the gun.
Stocks had to have had the final fitting done individually by hand. For experimentations sake I swapped trigger guards around where tang length would accommodate it, and as suspected it severely effects the trigger. Extractors measure with .002 for width and length and in 3 out of four cases would interchange. On one rifle the bolt would not close on the extractor from another gun. Breech face cut not as deep on this example. Taking care to get all parts back where they belonged, I used the safety detent ball and extractor from the cut stock gun to complete the other three.

At this point in time I have test fired all three rifles successfully. I also zeroed the little Weaver B6 scope that came attached to SN 11775 (nicely done by the way). The optics and bluing on the modest old scope were still good. While altered from factory original, this gun is near mint and puts 5 shots through 1 ragged hole at 25 yrds. Needless to say, I abandoned my original idea that the gun might be a parts bed for one of the others. I can’t wait to try this gun on Ozarks bushy tails (squirrels). I was capable of shooting SN 9957 and SN 14958 almost as well with the open sights.

Note in addition to the hand fitting and checkering on these guns that stocks are all of a very good grade of figured walnut.

They are by far my favorite Model of HVA .22 rifle.

Good Collecting!!!!!!!!
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