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Posted - 03/20/2007 : 07:43:37 AM

Most of these being imported are missing the clips. At Simpson LTD only 2 out 9 arrived on our shores with the clip. Perhaps due to being shuttled around in the import process or more likely these were guns sold in Sweden because of the lack of a clip. The length and location of the magazine catch on these is such that bumping them allows the clip to fall right out.

I have found a suitable replacement in the Remington 511 with minor modification. With the exception of the manner of construction and location of the retaining knotch they are almost identical.

Download Attachment:
130.46 KB

Original HVA clip on left, Remington on right. Note the case of the HVA clip is one continous stamping that wraps around all the way while the Remington is 4 pieces.

Download Attachment:
140.28 KB

Note that the knotch for the HVA clip (again on left) has a ridge across the detent slot by nature of the way it is formed while the Remington 511 does not. This is due to the fact that the Reminton "catch" is wider than the HVA and goes all the way across the knotch. The catch on the HVA centers the knotch without engaging the sides.

Download Attachment:
121.25 KB

In this photo note that the top feed is identical and the width is within .002" of being the same.

Download Attachment:
87.92 KB

In order to location the position for the knotch on the Remington clip I used a depth micrometer to transfer the dimensions. It is critical that this be correct for the feed ramp to be properly positioned in the base of the receiver.

Download Attachment:
120.86 KB

Here's the clips with the new knotch located and cut in carefully with Swiss files. Remington clip is on the left in this picture.

Download Attachment:
103.76 KB

One more step is necessary for the clip to function properly. In order for the narrow retention catch on the HVA to engage the clip, the "trough" formed on the back of the Remington (note 2n photo) must have continuity across the cut. Several means would work. A drop of solder on either side dressed with a file, a small pieces of metal .125" thick could be bonded in the trough at top and bottom with expoxy. I used black Accraglass to fill the trough and after curing recut the knotch and dressed it flush in other areas.

Works real fine.

I have not forgotten that I promised a series of post on these repeaters. I am almost finished collecting photos and information and it will be forth coming.

You guys might want to take advantage of the several nice examples currently around that are marked down due to missing the clip.

I found my Remington 511 clip on ebay, but also noted that "Cheaper than Dirt" has 12 shot clips available for the Remington 511.

Good Collecting!!!!!!!!!
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