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Mauser pecking order

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This should get some action going.
What would you say the pecking order is for wartime mausers?My picks

1)Vet bringbacks all match
2) " " mismatching
3)Import marked matching
4) " " mismatching
5)Refurbs by other countries (excluding RCs)
6)All sorts of sporterized
7)Bubba specials
8)Tie MMs and some of the Gray blanket specials
9)Obvious frauds

Did I miss anything?
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I think you'd do better to break down the too-general "refurbs by other countries." This could include Norwegian, French, Israeli, Yugoslavian, Iraqi... covers quite a bit of good and bad right there, and that's just a start. But pursuant to your ranking, are you saying that you'd honestly prefer a Yugo rework to an all-matching Vet bringback with a butchered stock (which would come under the "all sorts of sporterized" heading)? If so... wow.

Can't really see the point of trying to quantify something that, once you get past the obvious top choices, is almost entirely subjective and at the mercy of individual collecting tastes, but could be fun to see what others think.
MauserGuy, excellent list. I might switch a number here or there, but all in all it's spot on.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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