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Mauser K98 marking I.D. help

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to confirm what this marking is on the receiver of my bcd 43 Mauser K98. My suspicion is that it's RC but I haven't found an exact marking like that on all the RC Mausers online. Thank you!
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Reblued + renumbered stock and bolt+ Imperial triggerguard on a 43 bcd = RC.
if you paid more than typical RC price tell the seller you want your money back or a price adjustment.
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Welcome aboard.
We see a screaming RC, but their shellac has been mostly stripped-off the stock (from the pics, traces of it remain).
The Russkies tossed the front sight hoods, so that bit was added - & it's likely a repop.
The sling appears to be WW2 German pattern, at least - but is way too long for a K98k.
I think the sling is a post war G1 sling with a reproduction sling buckle. If the sling only has two holes for the buckle, instead of three, it’s a G1.
The MP38/40 slings are approximately the same length as a K98k sling, about seven inches shorter than the Austrian Stg58/G1 sling on the rifle in question.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts