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Mauser K98 marking I.D. help

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to confirm what this marking is on the receiver of my bcd 43 Mauser K98. My suspicion is that it's RC but I haven't found an exact marking like that on all the RC Mausers online. Thank you!
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The rest of the rifle checks out : the dirty birds are nice and clear and most numbers match except the bolt. I bought it as an non-RC so I'm just hoping I didn't get scammed.
You're right. Here is more pictures. Hopefully that helps.

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Thanks guys for the info. It is very much appreciated. I will contact the seller and hopefully it was just an honest mistake from his part.

If anyone else would like to share their knowledge or confirm the info above, feel free to do so :)
I really appreciate this info. I wish I was as knowledgeable as you guys about this kind of stuff. Here are more pics of the sling but I can send more if needed. The sling fully extended is 57" (144cm) and there are no markings anywhere on the buckle, sling, or frosh.

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That makes sense. I just googled Stg58 sling and it looks exactly like the one on my rifle.
Since it's just an RC, I took this baby to the range today and had a blast. The bore and rifling and near perfect.
Thanks again to everyone. I've been learning lots about k98 Mausers and will know what to look for in the future.
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