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Mauser k98 barrel identification

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today was the day i came across a nice find. I have a Mauser k98 Barrel ( yes just a barrel) that has a MINT bore, I plan on building a custom rifle or seeing about finding the same factory action and make a nice replica of a scoped model. I Know quiet a bit but this seems to be a bit difficult to identify with just the barrel. The waffen marks are 607 . and the number on the left side is has a reich egale then 891. there is also a 81D on the under side. there are some other small markings but i don't think they would make a difference. Thanks for the help
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Czech made, don't see the rear screw as used on 98k bbls. 33/40 or 24T? How long is it and what does the front sight area look like? JL
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