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I did convert a small ring 98 from 7x57 to .308. The magazine was not the right shape. I bent out the sides one to admit the .308. There appears to be a little taper on the 7x57 case where there is very little on the .308 requiring a fatter magazine up front . Also the 5 shot 7x57 magazine would not hold five 308 rounds so that the bolt can close over a fully loaded magazine. No big deal if I want an empty chamber only four will go in mag with the bolt closed. A stripper clip will load five into the mag, but the bolt must push one into the chamber for the bolt to go home, which is fine for me.
For the spanish guns there was some talk years ago claiming that some cetme 7.62x51 loads were not not loaded to full specs and such ammo was fine in the converted mauser 95 that the spanish used. If I have a 95 mauser in .308 I would shot lighter reloads in it and only full loads for hunting and such, but not for practice.
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