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Mauser HSc reloading

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Hey everyone, I have a Mauser pistol question.

I have just picked up a HSc and have been having issues with feeding. Lots of jams. My best guess is that the ammo that was meant for this pistol was a round nosed, non-jacketed .32 and for some reason, it's not liking FMJ rounds. So, since I like reloading anyway, I thought I'd start for the HSc as well.

Anyone have any thoughts about this? Am I nuts and wasting my time and money or am I just nuts and need to get .32 dies to fix the problem?

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Thanks ktr,

I didn't know if it was the FMJ or not, but at least now I can try another brand. I'd really like to reload for this rather than buy. 32 is getting hard to find in my area. Another GB member brought up the idea that the ammo I was shooting might not have been powerful enough and was screwing up the sequence. Any thoughts about that? I really want to love this pistol and therefore, need to figure out its feeding issue.

I'll take a good look at the mags to see if they've been monkeyed with.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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