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Mauser "art"

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Well ..had to go and spend almost 6 weeks doing reserve time for the Army in Norway... trust me ... Nov and Dec is not the time to go there ... the weather was enough to make me genocidal ...I guess that is one reason why they have strict guncontrol ....
But to the point ... I did spend some time going to the museums and so ... a LOT of history there ...but as the mean bastard i am ... I thought I'd ruin some k98 collectors day (pretending I'm not crying myself) ...and showing a pice of Mauser "art" from the National Resistance Museum
I do have to admit though ...if I was going to decorate my house with "art" I would have loved to have this piece of "art" in my house though ....You guys would not have believed the rare codes found there ... but to get the blood pressure down ... all I saw were rebarrelled to 30-06 and stamped HÆR etc
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What a waste.
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