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Mauser 22mm Scope Mounts?

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I picked up this mount the other day believing it might work on a Mauser 22. I have found, however, that it does not fit an 11mm rail. It looks to be for maybe a 13mm rail....? It also has what appears to be "Waffenampt" markings and "byf" Mauser markings. It also has the number "27" and some sort of other marking "*Z2A2"? It appears to be for a 22mm scope tube. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.....


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I have seen one like it, somewhere, sometime.......I can't remember where, or what type of rifle it was on.......I just remember being puzzled by the fact that there's only a clamp on one end, and a rest on the other end......I checked it out on a Brno Mod. 1 that I bought last weekend and it fit perfectly, so it must be for a 16mm rail......Can you guys think of any other rifles that have the 16mm rail......?
Well guys I certainly don't proclaim to be an expert on anything.....I just wonder who the Jack Leg was that tried to fake something that doesn't exist?.....I'm no Rhodes Scholar or anything, but if I were going to go to the trouble of faking something, I'd select something of extreme scarcity and value that everyone knows about.......Getting back to the original question, does anyone know what it fits?......I didn't even know there were any proof marks on it when I bought it; I just thought it might fit a Mauser 22.....
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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