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Posted - 06/03/2007 : 8:25:46 PM

Info Added 6/12/09

From my hastily transcribed notes from SBHVA's wonderful Swedish Language Text References, HVA Catalogs for 1933, 1942, 1946, 1949, Tradewinds brochure from 1958, Widforss Catalogs for 1947,1958, and 1961 and my observation of 302 rifles.

(DISCLAIMER - I do not speak or read Swedish. I do speak guns. As was the case on other European Makers, the rifles themselves offer the best evidence (often contrary to text references in any language.)

For what it’s worth, (and those few interested):

There were two series of serial numbers.

The first series encompasses the Models, 55, 155, 155A, 255, 255A, 65, 165, and 365. The date serialization began is unknown, but it was prior to 1922 as most references pickup the series in 1922 at the 22XXX range. (The Models 55 and 155 and 65 were also made prior to serialization of 22 rifle production)

Models 55 and 155 have been observed with serial numbers as low as 3XXX. The Model 155 appears to have been phased out around 1942 as no example is noted with beech stock, and only a few serial numbers overlap the Model 255A.
Within the first series not all numbers were used.
Within the first series, dedicated blocks were set aside for the target models 65, 165 and 365 in succession.
Model 65 range observed is 9XXX to 14XXX
Model 165 range observed is 16XXX to 23XXX
Model 365 range observed is 27XXX to 28XXX
No Model 55, 155, or 255 is observed within theses ranges but fill in all the gaps prior to and subsequent to these ranges.
Most references indicate the numbers were not manufactured in serial number sequence. That is in reference to these target model blocks in my opinion.

The second series encompasses the Models 622, 623, 1622, and 1722 and is continuous and chronological. It begins in 1949. (The Model 365 continued under the first series (27XXX to 28XXX) out to 1963)

It would appear that all numbers in the second range were used.
Most references only give vague correlation to year produced vs. serial number and cannot be correct in some cases. (In comparison to HVA Catalogs)
Observed range of Model 622 is 207 (1949) to 12,949 (1956)
Observed range of Model 1622 (all three variations) is 13134 (1956) to 23XXX (1964 or 65).
Balance of the range out to 27,700 is the Model 1722 ending in 1970.

According to one reference the years each model was produced are as follows:

Model 55 1904 to 1921
The Model 55 is still listed in 1942 HVA Catalog)
Model 155(A) 1929 to 1941

Model 255(A) 1941 to 1943 (with walnut stock and oct barrel)
1944 to 1945 (with walnut stock and round barrel)
1946 to 1949 (with beech stock and round barrel)

Model 65 1917 to 1944

Model 165 1943 to 1951

Model 365 1951 to 1963
(introductory flyer found in a 1949 Catalog)

Model 622 1949 to 1955

Model 1622 1956 to 1964

Model 1722 1965 to 1970

Good Collecting!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted - 06/04/2007 : 11:45:52 AM

Thanks for the info. This is sure easier for me to read than Swedish!
Allan Schisel

Allan Schisel
Allan's Armory

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Posted - 06/11/2007 : 06:41:02 AM

I just picked up a nice model 65, serial number 155xx.
There are two others I know of I can check as well.
I have tried to email you but it keeps bouncing for some reason.
Drop me a line at [email protected]



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Posted - 06/11/2007 : 08:40:14 AM

Thanks, will do.

[email protected]

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HVA 155 barrel markings

I recently acquired a Husqvarna Model 155, S/N 18341, with:AFSEDT FOR U.S. - PATRONER N.R.A. 22 LONG RIFLE
stamped on the left side of the barrel. I cannot find any translation of Swedish "afsedt" on the web. Patroner translates to cartridge. Anybody able to give a clue as to the meaning of this? Thanks.
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