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Posted - 01/28/2007 : 10:30:05 AM

May 5, 2007. I have been able to determine from SBHVA's wonderful reference books that the Model 365 continued in production until 1963. It was the only model made on this action after 1950.
This is the seventh in a series of posts on the HVA .22 Rifles

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This model was introduced in 1950. Not actually contained in the Catalog for the year. The flyer above was inserted into the catalog. At this time the 600 series of Clip fed repeaters had been introduced and the only other single shot on this action of 22 offered that year was the Model 255A. I do not have catalogs for any other years in the 1950’s and do not know how long the Model 255A and Model 365 were offered

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Three Model 365’s. Top SN 27482, Middle SN 27543, Bottom SN 28301

Obviously a successor to the model 165 and the last version of the “Target Type”, this gun remains very basic. The only differences between it and the late Model 255A are: checkered pistol grip, shotgun type trigger guard and turned down and extended bolt. The barrel is not heavier as in the cases of the Model 65 and 365. All the examples I have encountered have stocks of beech. It is the last model offered on this action. A 1961 Maurice Widforss Catalog and a 1967 Vapendepoten Catalog both still offer this version and this version only. It is likely however that production of these ceased in the 1950’s as parts in inventory were used up. It was not uncommon for these two retail firms to be offering guns made many years prior. (The 1961 Widforss Catalog was still offering Anschutz Waffen Germania .22 Trainers made during WWII. Without a doubt, production of these had ceased by early 1945.) As noted previously, the serial number range on these would indicate that certain blocks of numbers were reserved for the target models. We know these were introduced in 1950, yet the serial numbers are much lower than those of the Model 255A made during the same period. It clearly was not all one block for the Model 65, 165 and 365 as other models are interspersed between the range of the low number Model 65 and the 165 and also between the Model 165 and 365. The barrel markings and dimensions are identical to the late Model 255A with round barrels.

My next post will be on the Models 622 and 623 the first of the HVA bolt action repeaters.
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