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Un-Obtainium-Ville, that's where.

Individual cartridges do come up from time to time, and are usually Dewat (NO Powder, primers struck).

Cases can be made from .50cal BMG, ( same head diameter), using the shoulder for headspace purposes after forming and trimming.

One Poster several years ago modified .50 cases by turning down the head, and screwing on a ring to form the semi-rim; another swaged a brass ring into the BMG's extractor groove, then tuned the new Semi rim and user here in Aus. turned the cases from solid brass bar, then annealed and formed them ( I have several examples,the designs, plus a liberal supply of Bar, and Dies...I bought his whole set up).

For Movie Industry Putposes (WW I Films) we make blanks from untrimmed .50 cases, formed and loaded. They work fine, as the extractor can still grab the .50cal rim firmly to extract ( same as for Ball loads)

Your best bet is to get some dies made ( CH4D or one of the other "large Calibre" die suppliers) and simply form .50-BMG cases, trim them, and then
Make Projectiles from .50BMG Ball, with a THin wall brass tube from K&S Tube ( .500 ID,) to bring the OD up to about .525" (correct for the 13mm T18).
The other solution is to get a CNC operator to turn up a few hundred projectiles from brass bar, using 9/16 rod. The General shape is about the same as a .50BMG projectile, except for the max. diameters.

BTW, original T18 ammo , besides being rare and valuable as a collector's item ( Only made April 1918 to November 1918, by Germany, with some months rarer than others,) it is Berdan primed ( size also unobtainable) and corrosive.

WE have Four T18s in our Movie Inventory, and only three original rounds ( One Live, the other two deacts.)...all our ammo for them is ".50cal" made.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Film Ordnance Services.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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