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I recently bought (another) 91/30 from Big 5, and when I picked it up there were 5 extra bayonets in the box, making a total of 6 for one rifle. None match the rifle I bought, and I didn't expect it to, but it did get me to thinking. All these rifles out there and none of the bayonet #'s match, or should I say most of them don't match. How hard would it be to build a database of bayonet #'s that others could peruse, and try and match up the bayonets to their original rifles? Would it be possible, say, to match up bayonet #5232 to the rifle that has the same serial #? Has anyone tried this, and would it increase the value of the rifle if it had a numbers matching bayo? Also, did the numbers ever match up when these were first built, or did they just issue them out willy-nilly in the first place? Anyone know? Thanks!
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