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MAS 49/56 barrel shank specs ?

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MAS 49/56 I've got has no barrel. Previous owner got ruffled at the chamber, a CAI Casehardened Corncob Conversion to .308, pulled it and deep-sixed the tube in the local lake. I got the remains of the gun from his widow...

Anyhow, I would like to get the barrel shank specs, thread and form so I can build me a new one....

Okay, folks. I'd like to thank mpi and Vaarok for their input, but one of my nefarious partners in crime from the checkered past had the information and was kind enough to share it with me. As soon as I have a chance to get the drafting program to cooperate, I'll post this information for the fellowship.... Thanks.
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Supposedly it's the same contour as a M1903 Springfield barrel, according to an article I read about fixing the .308 conversions. Corbitt Pistolsmithing did the article, and supposedly played around with cutting back and rethreading an 03 barrel for use in a wrecked MAS.
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