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MAS 45 Trigger Rework

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Seems like I'm always different from the mainstream. But a trigger makes or breaks a rifle for me and due to my preference for Sako and such, I know a great trigger from garbage. Had this rifle redone and for some reason the smith didn't touch the trigger, had it sent out twice ($$) and it's now single stage and still too much creep- with letting off the trigger without shooting- the sear will not return despite heavier springs. It had an acceptable feel once but the cocking piece would skip over the sear at times, I will change smiths it necessary, but I'm wondering if anybody has played with an aftermarket like Timney modifying their model Enfield, 1903 Springfield, or Win mdl 70.

sear face to center of main pivot hole is 48mm
sear hieght is 5mm
sear and pivot width are 5mm


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