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Mas 45, Norinco KKW & Mauser-Werke .22 price check

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Sorry, I'm not really a .22 kind of guy but it seems like that is all I've seen lately.

All three are VG condition, the MAS & Norinco look new.

The Mauser is one of the earlier ones (from what little I know) - 5 digit serial, short stubby bolt (bolt is m/m number).

Any ballpark numbers appreciated.

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I like the MAS and the Norinco

I like the MAS-45. There are 3 variations, Mauser banner receiver, Mauser Banner and MAS marked, and just the MAS markings. Mauser banner ones command a small premium all else being equal. See image below. Super quality and accurate.

The Norinco TU-KKW and TU-33/40 (carbine) are quite accurate. They also had versions that used the small Red Star scope and SKS-type side mount with knob used on the PRC SKS rifles in the late 80s. That combo is hard to find now. While they are grooved, you need high reings to clear the bolt handle.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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