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Mas 45, Norinco KKW & Mauser-Werke .22 price check

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Sorry, I'm not really a .22 kind of guy but it seems like that is all I've seen lately.

All three are VG condition, the MAS & Norinco look new.

The Mauser is one of the earlier ones (from what little I know) - 5 digit serial, short stubby bolt (bolt is m/m number).

Any ballpark numbers appreciated.

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I still see the MAS 45's sell for $300.00 or slightly below on the auction sites, so I think $300.00 should be one in excellent condition. The Norincos are very cheaply made, but generally are quite good shooters. To me it would be hard to justify over $150.00 or so for one though.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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