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Mas 36 date ?

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I took apart my mas 36 today to clean it and on the underside of the belly was a 1959 stamp and a PON after this just a re arsenal mark?
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If your rifle is not a Mle 1936-51 of the mid-"G" series, then that is the date its replacement barrel was first proofed. I am assuming that by the "underbelly", you are referring to the barrel's spanner-flat? Normally the barrel supplier's code precedes the date, but as I am not familiar with this late code, I am at a loss.

It looks like your rifle received a new barrel about ten years after it was made. No visual difference would exist between a 1949 barrel, (which may well have been its original barrel date), and this new one. Both are post-1948, post-painted finish, and they would have the 5mm factory rebated muzzle which is "G" marked to indicate that they were suitable for use in grenade launching.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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