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Amtraker: If your floorplate is stamped, do not take it apart, repark as an assembly, like the French did it. The stamped floorplate is permanantly assembled by crimping, and not easily taken apart.. The milled floor plate has a pin driven in from the top and out from the bottom and can be taken apart easily...I speak from long experience on this gun....

Unless you want to be like the French Army, protect the bore from parkerizing, since we are not using corrosive ammo much these days...And Kelt is right about the lug recesses in the receiver, I think corks in the bore and a tight fitting wood dowel will take care of the protection...I have found that Park tanks run best at about 140Deg F and metal prep is important---no grease or oil. Wash thoroughly with hot water after wards and dry know the drill!!

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