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Quote. “I must also add that so far there have been provincial matches fired in South Africa, Canada, Falkland Islands and the US.
I sure would like to see the UK and NZ folks shoot one also.”

Honest Douglas it is on my list of things to do here in New Zealand. Frankly at the moment mate I just don’t have the time. I started a new business venture 3 years ago and since then my trigger pulling has been restricted to vintage air rifles and pistols in the garden with my grandson. I am sure I could put together enough chaps to make it work but I just don’t have the time to organize it at the moment. I trust things will change soon. There is just one other negative factor. When it comes to shooting open sighted Martini’s I must be one of the worst shots on this board. My eyes are not what they were and even when they were at there very best I was never more then a slightly above average shot. I see targets shot by people like Gert and my mouth drops open.
There have been only two highlights in my target shooting life. In 1994 I won the Wellington Service Rifle Association best Kalashnikov trophy. The weather was crap and I suspect the other contestants had bad days rather then me having a good one.
However on ANZAC day in 1999 at the Trentham range I used my first wave (Sam Cummings ex Nepal) MKIV Martini to win the Waireka trophy for pre bolt action Commonwealth service rifles. It is an old story but off hand, bayonet fixed, I managed to get all my five shots in the black at 50 yards. I should add that the black was the size of a dinner plate. I have never shot that well with a 577-45 before or since. I was chuffed. It has been all down hill since then (smile).
See the pictures attached and allow this old man to relive his moment of glory.

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