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I have been taking notes on the parts that were used to assemble my ’41 M39. Built on a ’96 Tula hex, it has shown itself to include components made from every manufacturer except Chatellerault.

I have a few questions about markings on specific parts. Do the ejector and ejector spring ever show maker marks or rearsenal stampings of any kind?
I have the same question about the magazine floorplate latch.

My next question is about Remington-built parts. The trigger spring on the ’41 M39 I have does show a typical Remington “R” in a circle. Was it typical for Remington to mark all of the parts they manufactured – including the smallest of parts, such as follower springs and follower carrier springs?

Again, I could ask the same question about the NEW letters with arrows marks. Is it at all likely to find New England Westinghouse markings on the springs and ejectors, similar to the stamps I’ve found on Finn floorplates and trigger guards?

As I disassemble other Finn Mosins, I just wanted to get some thoughts on these mystery marks I come across. I love the “history mystery” side of these guns!

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