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markings on a BSA 1904 Sht. L.E. I

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Hi there,

Picked up yet another project…this is it for a while…..well I think I will have to set up E.A. , Enfield’s Anon, mind you monthly or weekly meets would be great, can just see it now…hi my name is mark and I have a problem, I am an Enfieldholic and don’t want help, to be greeted by applause 

Back to my question, I have acquired a Sht. L.E. I. receiver and barrel, nothing else, it has a good bore, ( looks fine to me!) but it has markings that have me puzzled and just wanted some info.

On the barrel and Knox area it has matching serial numbers with appropriate broad arrow marks, the proof stamps and sold out of service marks, however it has what I can only guess is a badly stamped “R” as it also has a “P” on the side of the barrel which to me indicates that the rifle has had a barrel replacement…. But what gets me is the barrel has a 04 stamp (date?) but the receiver is 04 dated I thought that the “R” and the “P” indicated a reserve or replacement barrel which seems odd as the barrel appears fine, have I misinterpreted the marks or would the stamps R and P be a later stamp?

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The barrel is correct and original to the rifle.
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