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Maks and hollow points?

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I have four Maks, but I don't shoot them much, and when I do, it's fmj ammo. Someone recently told me that Maks don't like hollow points. Seems they don't feed well. What is your experience?
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I am going to stand with TEAKWOOD, on this one, Makarovs were designed to use full metal jacket ammunition. I have not had one failure with S&B FMJ or my hand loads with the Speer 95gr. FMJ. I have loaded S&B and Starline brass with Hornady 95gr. XTP's, no problems, however at 50ft. the accuracy grouping was somewhat larger than with the FMJ. And for those who worry about over penetration, the expanding bullet only boys, I guess this means that if you really get into a shooting situation, not a single round that you fire is going to miss your target? No nicking of an ear trying for a head shot?
A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to shoot a course with the Air National Guard Combat Team. The target is a charging soldier with what appeared to be an SKS with bayonet. Two shots the the body, and one to the head. The only problem was it started to rain rather hard. At 25yds. we were under cover. then the order was given to advance to 15yds. I know those young men were waiting to see if that old man was really going to go out into the rain with them. Finished shooting the course at 7yds, firing with both knees on the ground,(why we shot with both knees on the ground I do not know), looking over my glasses which were totally wet. The point is under the right conditions and stress, you can miss a shot!!!~
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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