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Making a Carcano more accurate

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I have a Carcano M38 short rifle in 6.5mm.
I have noticed that except for the nose cap the barrel is free floating. I have obtained a spare nosecap and am thinking of relieving the inside of the barrel band to allow movement of the barrel under the band.
Just wondered if anyone has tried this or has any thoughts?
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Only just came back to this thread today.
Lots of interesting points. I am using reloads with original bullets which I have batched for type and weight. Using two reloads, 36 grains N160 and 33grains of the original solonite. Both shoot to the same point of impact at 100yrds, though the N160 doesn't seem so pokey and has much less muzzle flash.
I have repalced the front muzzle band with another that seems less tight. Also the front sight with one slightly higher. Will try in a few weeks. Have received a front sight base which is about 1mm higher then the original, and will try that if the above is not successful. Can always put the original bits back on at a later date. I will not alter the wood, though I realise the bayonet lug is held quite firmly.
I received the parts from , Springfield Sporters, who were very prompt with the order. The parts appear new!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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