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Makarovs do multiply

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This morning I had only two East German Makarovs. This evening there are 4. I was warned that this could happen. To the left are the 1960 and 1964 that got it all started. On the right are the new additions, a 1961 with the x'ed out LSA and a 1962. They are resting on a later East German uniform. Special thanks to a fellow forum member who made this all possible.

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You know, a lot of earlier comments, some years back, were about Makarovs being Ok functionally but ugly. I never agreed. I think they're one fine looking handgun - especially when you get the blueing to shine and have good grips. ... some may consider me biased being a moderator on the #1 forum for these guns ...

And yours are real nice looking EGs lincen. Congrats.
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