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There's not a huge market for it.

Not all that many people are into reloading 9X18. at this time. It is pretty marginal economically to reload 9X18 right now when compared to the price of still plentiful imported steel-cased ammunition.

I have a pretty huge bunch of MFS 9X18 brass-cased, Boxer-primed factory ammunition (a fully-packed .30 caliber ammo can, all in boxes, and about 400 extra loose rounds of MFS that won't fit in there with it) and I figure I will START to reload in this caliber just as soon as I have shot a 'big enough hole' in my stock of this stuff.

Unfortunately for the sellers of 9X18 reloading dies and components, I am still working through all my OTHER 9X18 ammunition and haven't shot ANY of my reloadable brass yet.
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