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Topic author: Jim Garland
Subject: Mak slide lubrication?
Posted on: 05/16/2006 10:12:34 AM

What sort of lubrication if any should be used on the Maks? I was going to put a drop of FP-10 or the like on some of the parts but would like to know what the general consensus is for the slide.


Reply author: Jehzsa
Replied on: 05/16/2006 11:58:09 AM

FP-10 is fine. Don't worry about it. According to torture tests with Maks, mud is an excellent lubricant too. Don't try it with any other handgun though. Especially with Georgia clay or Florida sand.

Reply author: fafuss
Replied on: 05/16/2006 12:24:32 PM


I usually lube my autoloader slides/rails with Tetra Gun Grease. I put on a very little bit and spread it along the rails with a Q-tip. When I reassemble the gun I rack the slide several times to further distribute the lubricant. So far this seems to work good for me.


I haven't tried using mud, yet. I would think it would be "cost effective" if nothing else. (Don't try this at home with your S&W!!!)


Reply author: BillP
Replied on: 05/16/2006 1:10:26 PM

I have to second the reference to Tetra grease. I use it on the rails and barrel surfaces on all my autos. A small tube lasts forever.

Reply author: El Karang
Replied on: 05/16/2006 2:34:10 PM

For firearms I mix powdered teflon(got a bunch of it years ago) and lubricating oil together. when I first purchase a weapon coat it wherever the most friction is(inside barrel,slide , receiver or whatever and just shoot until the piece gets good and hot .Then clean up and repeat the process again.after a few times doing this the teflon seems to "burn in" and doesn't have to be done often.Sure makes the barrels last and the slides/rods sure get smooth.

Reply author: Jim Garland
Replied on: 05/16/2006 4:00:14 PM

Thanks for the replies. I had some thoughts on a light teflon or silicon based grease for the slides but may just stick to FP-10 for it all.

Reply author: ulflyer
Replied on: 05/17/2006 08:06:58 AM

Any kind of oil will do. I favor synthetic motor oil as it seems to stick/stay on the rails. Also put it lightly on the barrel. Many guys on The Highroad use it on thier auto's.

A good cleaner is homemade "Ed's Red"....equal parts of kerosene, ATF, mineral spirits, & acetone. Recipe calls for an optional amount of Lanolin if you want...but thats for lubricating and I see no need for it. ER does not hurt plastic grips on Maks, but I do remove wood grips on my 1911's.

Reply author: nyarlotep
Replied on: 05/19/2006 02:35:29 AM

I just wipe it down with CLP after cleaning. Haven't had a problem yet.
+1 on the Ed's Red; I use the version on; only problem is the gun stinks for a while afterward. I just used that to get rid of the Cosmoline, though, not for regular cleaning.

Reply author: xaztec
Replied on: 05/19/2006 09:47:43 AM

I usually clean everything really well with hopps and then coat everything with PB Blaster, especially when I'm storing the gun for a while as it not only lubes really well, it locks out moisture really really well. Incidentaly, this is the only penetrating oil I use anymore. It makes WD40 or Liquid Wrench look like muddy water.
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