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I have a Nagoya Arsenal, Torumatus Factory Type 14 pistol dated 18.6 (June 1943). It came with the matching magazine. I am looking for the "spare" matching magazine (with the dot by the number). I know it like finding a needle in a haystack (the Myth Busters did it) but you can't shoot me for trying. Actually, you could but I don't think anyone would. Anyway, back on subject, I am looking for a magazine marked 003. Can anyone help?

I checked last might and I have the "primary" matching magazine. Did I not say "I know it like finding a needle in a haystack". I realize that I could not nor would I walk into Wally World and pick up a magazine for $1.99. BUT I thought that with though the power of the internet I would have a better chance of finding one than just cruising the few gunshows to which I can make it.

Thanks for the additional information.
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