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mag tube spring for mossberg maverick 12ga

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I've had this thing for a few years and shot the tar out of it. When I bought it, it had a plug in it, the plug being a 1/8 inch dowell rod with a rubber washer about an inch from each end. The plug was factory. While shooting skeet with a buddy a while back, I noticed it had some trouble feeding a couple rounds. I took the mag spring out and noticed that while loaded two links of the spring on opposite ends hung up on the washers around the plug, causing it to bunch up and putting a big kink in the spring. I stretched the spring back out and, while it still has a bit of a kink in the spring, but seems to function fine. Do I get a new one, or let it ride? If I need a new one, where from and what do I need?

Thanks guys for any help,

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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