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MAADI kits from APEX

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Thinking about getting another kit and noticed that the MAADI kits from APEX are pretty affordable. Has anyone had any difficulty in building one of these kits? They are lower priced so my sense tells me it must be a Egyptian parts or quality issue.
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Have not built mine yet but they look great.
Thanks for the response...I think I will go ahead and purchase one.
Mine just came today. Looks really nice- but the Romy bbl is pretty beat up. The Maadi parts look brand new, lots of cosmoline on them still, though, so until after a good cleaning it's hard to tell. The several Apex kits I've gotten have been pretty cleanly disassembled and easy to prep for the build. I will definitely buy from them again.
Ive built two of these so far and have one more going together as a guide rod pistol. These kits are great
Egyptian kits are built were built on soviet equipment. They are of pretty good quality, not too hard to build from what I've read. Here is someone else's experience...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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