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M96 front sight Blades.

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I want one of my rifles that I can shoot at 100 yards. With original blade stamped 0 I am of course way high. So, I took a
suggestion to go with a repro +3.5 and file if need be. Tried this one today. It shoots at the bottom or lower of the target paper.
Even just below the paper of a Birchwood target. I have to sight above the paper to even get it to hit any paper.

Now, using 139 or 140 grain bullets with as issued rear sights I have original blades available from Samco.
They come in the following. -.05, +.05, +.75, +1, -1.25, and +2.0.

Should I be using one of these or a different one to get the rifle to zero at 100 yards? My old eye sight limits my distance shooting.
I am OK to 200 yards at the best it seems. I really enjoy these Swedes,just gotta get elevation where I can live with it. Groups are tight even with Privi!

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I think I would try a +2.0. This should get you fairly close, and if the shots hit a bit low, you would not have so much to file down.

You might also buy a Vasteras rear micrometer sight insert. It is adjustable for moving the zero of the impact area.
I zero my hunting rifles 3 inches high at 100 yards. This gives me a point blank range, for most modern hunting cartridges of about 275 yards, where the bullet trajectory is +3 inches high at 100 and -3 inches at 275 yards. This means that you can aim right at a deer out to 275 yards and you will not be more than 3 inches high or 3 inches low from your aiming point provided you shooting skills are adequate.

Of course, bullet velocity is a big factor. The m/41 Swedish 139 grain spitzer military cartridge has a muzzle velocity of 2592 feet per second in the m/96 rifle and 2510 feet per second in the M/38 short rifle.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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