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M96 front sight Blades.

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I want one of my rifles that I can shoot at 100 yards. With original blade stamped 0 I am of course way high. So, I took a
suggestion to go with a repro +3.5 and file if need be. Tried this one today. It shoots at the bottom or lower of the target paper.
Even just below the paper of a Birchwood target. I have to sight above the paper to even get it to hit any paper.

Now, using 139 or 140 grain bullets with as issued rear sights I have original blades available from Samco.
They come in the following. -.05, +.05, +.75, +1, -1.25, and +2.0.

Should I be using one of these or a different one to get the rifle to zero at 100 yards? My old eye sight limits my distance shooting.
I am OK to 200 yards at the best it seems. I really enjoy these Swedes,just gotta get elevation where I can live with it. Groups are tight even with Privi!

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Here's some more info that might help you out. Based on my tests with different front sights on an m/96, a change of 0.006 inches of front sight height is approximately 1 inch of elevation change at 100 yards. Using that equation and knowing how high your rifle shoots with the "0" sight blade, you can calculate which blade should be the right one. After you figure it out, let me know, I might have the one you need.

m/96 sight blades (approx .100" wide at top of blade)

#HeightPOI Delta @ 100
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