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M95 Front Sight Hood/Protector

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Greetings all,

I recently bought a Budapest M95 that was relegated for the parts bin, and this sight hood/protector was on it. I understand that these hoods are pretty rare, but how rare? What are they worth? I looked all over eBay and other sites without any luck. Any help would be appreciated!


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I have never seen one for sale in the wild (and I need one!!)

Value, not sure, I could see somebody paying $100+ for one...

These were only on Hungarian 31Ms, was the whole gun a lost cause?
You don't really see these fore sale apart from guns. On a gun they are not rare but still not seen often. I think these would be the most common of the three types of sight hoods, though I can be corrected on this if I'm wrong.

I just missed on a short rifle with the sheet metal spring sight hood. Steyr M95 938T 8MM - Bolt Action Rifles at : 924150283
Put up an ok bid and didn't check back on time to see I'd been out bidded. Pretty bad pictures but you can see the hood is there. That is the last version I'm needing. Kinda sad I missed it. If anyone has a M95 with one on it they're looking to get rid of....
You have the post WWI Hungarian front sight cover. That one is the most common M.95 sight hood to be found. I see them regularily coming with Hungarian M.95 for sale in Europe.
Good find. These come up for sale in Europe sometimes. They are very uncommon though. They go for about 100 bucks. From the looks of it you are missing the washers that go with the hood.
I would look over the rifle you have, you might have a 31m that just needs some parts.
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