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M95 bolt stiffness

Lapping some mating parts is an acceptible process if done carefully and it has solved some roughness issues for me in the past. A trick to keeping the bolt head extended while returning it to the receiver is to use a dime between the bolt head and the bolt body. The dime is laid "heads " or " Tails " on the bolt head shank that is exposed. I also remember seeing or reading on this forum that one member made a nifty little tool from a section of copper pipe sawn length -wise so that you had two short pieces. The pieces are just long enough to provide the bolt head extension need for insertion of the bolt. The short section of copper tubing fitted the bolt shank nicely so that the bolt head would not snap back while trying to get the bolt back in. I made one of these and it works great. The same problem is encountered with 1905 Ross rifle bolts ( which took some of their design from the Mannlicher ) and also the 1910 bolts. finally learned how to keep the locking wedge on my 1890 Mannlicher bolt in it's proper position for insertion in the receiver. Regards, Joe
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