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I have found an 1895 dated M94 Obendorf carbine serial number 11XXX in 1914 configuration at an asking price of $750, perhaps negotiable The metalwork is in reasonable condition with matching serial numbers at the usual locations visisble without removing the stock, except the butt plate number, which is mismatched. The 1914 nosecap finish is brightly blued and does not match the rest of the metal finish.

The stock and handquard are not walnut, but are elm or birch with no visible grain, color or finish and are obviously replacements, maybe arsenal?. The butt stock has an appropriate two screw carbine disk, sling buckle, and a K94 carbine range plate The stock is so badly cracked, starting from the floor plate and running back, that I would consider it unshootable. There is a hole drilled into the bottom of the stock just behind the barrel band.

I would have already purchased the carbine if it had a walnut stock in reasonable condition, even at a higher price, but would not be interested in owning it with the present stock, unless I could replace it.

Does anyone know of a source for or have a walnut 94 stock with hardware or 94-14 stock with or without hardware? How does the $750 asking price seem given the status of the carbine and present stock?

One unusual aspect of this Obendorf carbine is the presence of inspector's initials on the receiver ring preceeding the serial number.

Thanks for any and all advice and information. Only through following this forum am I able to even consider a purchase like this one in a somewhat knowledgable fashion.


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1895 OB carbine

I bought one a couple of years ago for $675. It wasn't mint but it was all matching, including the walnut stock. Here are a couple of pictures:

It is OK to have inspector stamps on those carbines, specifically, H.K., J.V., and O.G, according to Dana Jones. G.B. and D.F. were also possibilities.

Given the stock condition and lack of originality, I would probably pass at $750 because the carbine is no longer a true collectible.

Just my opinion.

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Sounds like you would be buying a barreled action & way over priced . A walnut stock set could bring $300 or more at auction . So , for $1050 , you could get an all matching carbine in really nice condition . This one is NO deal . I would pass on it as well .
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