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Just want to give a quick hello to everyone. Been a while since I have been on, but I am still alive, still kickin.

I have finally decided to re sniper, my ex sniper. I have scope, mount and all bits to mount it, just need someone to do it. I have emailed both sponsors who do or could do these and I have received zero emails. So, my question is, who knows a place that could do this for me. Don't need stock cut, I can handle that, just need the drilling and tapping to be done.

I have a local gunsmith who says he thinks he can do it, but most of the work he does is on non-milsurps and I am really afraid I won't like the work.

So if anyone knows somewhere, or what is going on with our sponsors it would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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