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I picked up a M44 from Classic Arms . The wood to the left of tang has a professional nice 2 inch wood piece fitted by the Russians and a 2 inch wrist crack repaired by glue?
The wrist crack repair can be felt slighly but it does not seem to be a deep structural crack.
The barrel is mint, bolt and butt plate have matching numbers. Floor plate is force matched.

I received this M44 as an exchange from Classic Arms . The first M44 had severe rust with pitting on the underside of the barrel, barrel bands and receiver. The furiture was in good shape with only a small hairline crack in the upper forehand wood. I paid extra for a hand pick selection and they did allow me to return it for an exchange . The major rust areas could only be seen by removing the stock.. The folks at Classic Arms treated me fair and I am happy with the 2nd M44 .
Question;Would you guys recommend replacing the stock? with a Chinese 53? or just leaving well enough alone? I do use my C&R rifles at our range a few times a year.
A friend has a Chinese 53 stock in refinished condition for me but it does not seem a good idea.
I will get some pics posted om my M44. Thank you, Dave
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